We are a tech non-profit

We want a world in which digital book publishing uses web tech and is based on an open foundation. We want digital books to be a full-fledged medium and an emancipatory force. So we founded a non-profit. ✨

Why not a start-up?

Our goal isn’t to make a quick buck, but to create a sustainable platform whose stability helps everyone who uses it — publishers, readers and other institutions that make the book ecosystem so interesting.

We want to create an organisation that can earn its keep (however, you can support us at Patreon), while at the same time independently guaranteeing the quality and development of web books.

Our team

Josef Kocurek

service designer & researcher

Reading belongs to the people
Web books have a chance to break our dependence on actors who exploit the book market just to make money. Plus, they are beautiful and easy to read.

Matěj Málek

graphic designer

I’m writing my medallion
I’m waiting until I get my PhD to mention it.

Jan Martinek

developer, chairman of the association

Thinking about the future of books
I’m hoping for a reading experience that takes off from paper, PDF and commercial readers and finds its place in open platforms on the web — the medium has already been created, let’s re-create it and make it better.

Lukas Porsche

web analyst

An enjoyable read on the web? That’ll be great!
I like being part of this foolish idea to weave a meaningful e-book format in amongst the clutter that prevails in this area so far. And she every strong idea is foolish to begin with.

Your Name

We’re incomplete
Do you love books and web and do you want to be involved in designing the future of reading? Let’s meet.

Come on in!

You love books, or perhaps e-books, and you want to design the future of reading? Let’s meet. We will figure out what we can do together.

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