The future of reading is (on) the web

We’re a tech non-profit.

We support the book ecosystem by developing an open platform for publishing and reading books in a web browser.

Web books help everybody

  • Readers

    Experience e-reading like never before. Enjoy the beauty of books right in a browser. Just open a book and read. Whether you’re online or or offline.

  • Publishers

    Get the good stuff from both paper books and e-books into great digital books. Full visual experince and enjoyable reading. Platform independent. Connected to your e-shop, with a conversion from other formats or reading stats.

  • Teachers, librarians and academics

    Do things with books you never dreamed of before. Support reading, curiosity, community services, or reading comprehension.

  • Authors

    Create an artwork that uses the internet. Perhaps with multimedia content, links, or interactivity.

Open platform =
more democratic publishing

We are working on a standard that will allow anyone to work with web books. Under an open license. Without restrictions and additional costs.

The code, procedure and finished books are publicly available. Create your own project, give us feedback or get involved in the development.

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How do web books work?