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About us

Inventing books

We’re a non-profit based in Brno, Czech Republic. We work on the next-book platform, trying to make it a well documented platform and open standard in the long-term.


Josef Kocurek (design research)
Matěj Málek (graphic design)
Jan Martinek (design, development)
Lukáš Porsche (self-publishing, marketing)

Our goal is to become more diverse as soon as possible and sustainable by April 2020.

We’re looking for new team members — if you like what we do, please get in touch with us! We need someone to work on:

  • EPUB best practices transfer
  • accessibility research
  • fundraising


Since Jan 2019, there’s an 18-month project led by Prague-based publisher Nová beseda and funded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. In it, Masaryk and Palacký Universities work together towards applied research goals in publishing, experimenting with the medium and transferring annotation affordances from print to digital academic reading.

Through Feb-Dec 2018, publishers from Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary joined forces in a project led by Prague-based publisher Nová beseda and funded by Visegrad Fund. Those teams created several prototypes presented at

The original team back in 2017 were Ivana Lukeš Rybanská and Jan Martinek from Czech Republic.


Publishing house Nová Beseda allowed initial research and experimental development of the first ideas and continues to create opportunities for development.

Many thanks go to